A blend of experts and entrepreneurs, sometimes within the same individual. We have experience of building companies within fast-moving and emergent sectors, alongside broad knowledge and expertise in associated fields such as corporate finance and law.

Truls Eriksen

Truls is a corporate lawyer and entrepreneur, who’s been instrumental in establishing Antigrade and other companies focused on breakthrough technologies. His expertise sees him assisting a variety of financial and industrial parties on areas relating to corporate finance, including bond financing, regulatory matters and more.

Bjørn Arne Lundblad

Bjørn Arne has experience from several start-ups both as entrepreneur and in various commercial roles. He has also spent a few years in management consulting before taking key business development positions within various companies in the Aker group such as Kvaerner, Aker Floating Production, Aker Energy and TRG Energy.

Kjetil Ulving-Tufte

An engineer combining business development training with an entrepreneurial mindset, Kjetil possesses a unique blend of technical skills and business sense. With over 10 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, Kjetil is used to working with some of the most advanced technical companies in the world.

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